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Noni enzyme

Noni Enzyme extracted from Noni fruit is the source of most effective supplements to supply back xeronine high level required by the human body (immune booster).

One 20ml bottle of Noni Extracted Enzyme is equivalent to 5.0 liters of Noni Juice. Primary Important Ingredients Proxeronine, Proxeronase and Nitric Oxide.


  • Increase immune system, in healthy people by 50%.
  • Enhance Natural Killer Cells by 300%.
  • Helps to improve constipation & piles.
  • Helps to normalize the function of the stomach.
  • Helps in producing hemoglobin & prevents anemia.
  • Helps to regulate the sugar level of diabetic person.


1-2 drops of pure noni enzyme added in a glass of warm water. Take in empty stomach in morning as your first drink.